Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sando man killed outside pub after row


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POLICE are investigating the murder of a San Fernando man, who was shot multiple times yesterday morning.

Kyle Archibald, 28, was shot in the head and neck outside a pub in Cocoyea around 3 a.m.

Archibald, of Broadway, was pronounced dead at San Fernando General Hospital.

Police said Archibald was involved in an altercation with two other men outside the pub. He walked away and the men followed. One of the men pulled out a gun and fired several shots at Archibald, police said. He ran a short distance and collapsed.

Police said Archibald was placed in a Mazda 323F and taken to hospital.

Investigators believe Archibald was killed as a result of gang violence.

Reports suggested that Archibald was killed in reprisal for the killings of Antonio Mootoo and Troy Hernandez last week.

The men were shot dead at a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) building scheme at Carlton Lane, San Fernando.

Police said the men were gambling between Buildings ten and 12 with another man when an argument erupted and gunshots rang out.

Police believe the suspect was also shot. And bulletins have been issued to hospitals and health centres to be on the alert for a man seeking medical treatment for gunshot wounds.

Archibald's death took the murder figure up to press time last night to 383.