Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sando mayor in $180,000 Christmas clean-up drive


keeping it clean: Dr Navi Muradali

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THE city of San Fernando will be spending $180,000 this month to clean up for the Christmas season, says its mayor, Dr Navi Muradali.

The "Clean-up for Christmas" project began yesterday in all nine electoral districts.

The project includes the clearing of drains, litter removal and maintenance of public lots and road verges.

Thirty additional refuse bins will be placed in the city.

Muradali said, "The clean-up exercise will be spearheaded by the Public Health Department in conjunction with the councillors for the nine electoral districts.

"Each area has been allocated a budget to hire persons from within the communities to clean and beautify their areas."

Muradali asked San Fernando residents to beautify and keep their surroundings clean and ensure privately-owned overgrown vacant lots were maintained in order to prevent legal action being taken against owners.

Last Saturday, Muradali also donated $20,000 to the Southern Scout movement at the San Fernando District Scout Council's annual Christmas dinner held at Lady Hailes Avenue.

Muradali, a former scout and the president of the San Fernando District Council, said scouting was "more than tying knots and outdoor activities".

He said boys get opportunities to interact with each other that helps to "mould character and personality".