Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sasha's funeral set for today

Bled to death after C-section...

THE FUNERAL of mother of two Sasha Ali-Bisnath, who bled to death after a planned Caesarean section operation at a nursing home in San Fernando last week, is expected to be held today.

The funeral service is carded for 9 a.m. today at her home at Orangefield, Carapichaima, then will be followed by a cremation of her body at the Mosquito Creek cremation site.

Ali-Bisnath's mother, Leela Ali, told the Express yesterday that a second autopsy was conducted over the weekend at Guide's Funeral Home by pathologists Dr Hughvon Des Vignes and Dr Valery Alexandrov.

The pathologists' findings confirmed the results of the first autopsy done last Saturday by Dr Hubert Daisley, at the mortuary of the San Fernando General Hospital, which found that she died as a result of coagulation and bleeding diasthesis post C-Section.

The 28-year-old mother of two died last Friday after her second child, a baby girl, who was named Siara, was born the day before at the Gulf View Medical Sciences Complex.

After the C-section was performed, she experienced medical complications and was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she died.

South-West Regional Health Authority chairman Dr Lackram Bodoe has said a preliminary report suggests the medical staff at SFGH did all within their power and mobilised all resources to keep Ali-Bisnath alive following her transfer.

A report on the incident has been sent to Minister of Health Dr Fuad Khan, who promised to take action if negligence is found to have caused Ali-Bisnath's death.