Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sat opposes giving rights to ‘deviants’

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sab­ha Sat Maharaj said yesterday he is surprised by Catholic priest Dr Fr Stephen Geofroy’s advocacy for gay rights as he believes gay people are deviants who should not have any rights in the Constitution.

Geofroy, during Monday’s forum on the draft constitution report, said les­bi­ans, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) are humans, too, and their rights should be included in the Constitution

He went further to say decisive action should be taken on the issue rather that carrying on the debate.

Archbishop Fr Joseph Harris has said Geo­froy used “an unfortunate turn of phrase” in expressing support for the rights for gays.

“It is unfortunate; he used an unfortunate turn of phrase when he said people should be free to love whom they want to love. I hope, therefore, when he was speaking about people being free to love, he was talking about love in the platonic (brotherhood). Love is plato­nic. The Church has always said homosexual acts are not allowed. It is against the natural law. There should be no discrimination based on sex­ual orientation,” he said.

Maharaj said yesterday: “I am totally opposed to that because a per­son is devious, because a group is devious, we must make special legal provisions for deviants in the country? Then we’ll have to justify lesbians and those who smoking pot and those who all sorts of things. You don’t ca­ter for this kind of minority. I am totally opposed to that.”

“These deviants we don’t condone. We don’t condone ho­mosexuality and lesbianism. We support that God created man and he created wo­­man and he created procreation, we support that, that is the majority view across the world,” he added.

“I am surprised that out of all the things that need to be advocated that he advocates for gay rights. We should be talking about more State assistance to depressed families, people who are at the bottom of the econo­mic and social lad­der, how to raise these people, not deviants,” Maharaj continued.

He said this country must focus on dealing with the pres­sing issue of crime and drugs.

Questioned on Geofroy’s comments at yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan said: “The Constitution gives everybody the right in Trinidad and Tobago, the right to freedom, free­dom of speech and quite a long list of rights, and everybody who is a Trinidadian citizen is entitled to those rights.”

“I agree with him,” said Mul­ticulturalism Mi­nister Lincoln Douglas.