Sunday, January 21, 2018

Schoolboy, 15, gunned down at Malabar house


Boy, 15, gunned down in Malabar

Mark Fraser

A FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD schoolboy, whom police said was well known to them, was gunned down yesterday afternoon at a house in Mala­bar. He was a Form Four pupil at El Dorado Secondary School (West).

Police said the victim, Hashim Castillo, and two of his friends—Justin Samuel, 16, and Rawle Davis, 28—were at a house at Terite Lane, Malabar, when, around 2.30 p.m., neighbours heard about seven gunshots.

They said they did not see who did the shooting and they immediately contacted Malabar police.

A team of officers, including Sgt Prabhoo and PCs Herriera, Hosein and Durant-Charles, rushed to the scene, where they found Castillo lying face-down in the yard.

Samuel and Davis each sustained gunshot wounds. Police said both were taken to Arima District Hospital, where they were treated.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau, including Insp Mark Maharaj and Sgt Lawrence, also arrived on the scene, where they conducted enquiries.

One detective explained to the Express Castillo had been arrested and spoken to by the police on more than one occasion, mainly for narcotics possession.

The Express also spoke to a few residents, who offered their opinions about why the teenager and his friends were attacked.

According to one elderly man, who wanted to remain anonymous: “I talked to that boy (Castillo) last week, you know. I told him that he was speeding, but they don’t want to listen to the old man. I’m 71, you know.”

Castillo’s death takes the murder toll for the year to date to 284, while the figure at this time last year was 256.