Thursday, January 18, 2018

Schoolboy shot dead near home

Mom of 14 cries for justice

SCHOOLBOY Dayron Baker was hoping to see Argentina win the World Cup today.

Initially, Baker, 13, backed Bra­zil to win the competition but eventually threw his support behind Argentina after the host nation’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of Germany on Tues­day.

He will not see the World Cup final today.

Baker was shot dead around 9.30 p.m. as he walked from his parent’s Cizan Trace, Diego Martin, home to his grandparent’s shop, metres away.

Homicide detec­tives believe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Baker was sche­­­-

d­uled to write the Sec­on­dary Entrance Assess-

ment (SEA) next year.

 He was the sixth of 14 chil­­-

dren to pa­rents Dex­ter Baker, 50, and Natalie Baggan, 40, and

a pupil of Patna/River Estate Gov­ernment Prima­ry School.

Baggan yesterday spoke to the Sunday Express outside the shop to which Baker was headed.

“Dayron got a cut some time

ago and it hurt up playing foot­ball, so he said, ‘Mommy, can I go and buy two plasters and a soft drink?’ and I said, ‘Dayron, no,’” Baggan said.

“So he still sneak off and 

come down to buy it, but he never reached by his grand­mo­ther to buy it,” she said.

Baggan said she was at home when she heard gun­shots in the area.

“I start to hear some gun­shots and when I heard that, I start to bawl for Dayron because I know he came down in the shop and after, I just start to run down the hill,” she said.

“When I start to run down the hill, I faint to the bottom of the hill, and when I faint, like I seeing Dayron calling for me and I just get up; I just fly back up and I run up the hill and when I run up, my brother was with me and I tell him, ‘Look, Dayron, look my son; look how they just kill him and leave him,’ and his blood was coming to my foot,” Baggan said.

Baggan described Baker as an “inno­cent boy” and decried any assertion the teen­a­ger’s death could be linked to gang activity.

“It is not gang-rela­ted; if you see that little boy, he inno­cent. Fuss he so quiet; my other sons used to tell him grow out of that girl thing,” Baggan said.

“Dayron was a very loving child; everywhere I go, he was there with me; he going by mar­ket, sometime, he cooking for me,” she said.

She said Baker’s death has had a devastating effect on his siblings.

“They shake up, they can’t sleep, they crying; this one just now vomiting all on the ground; she tell me her belly pulling out all kind of thing,” Baggan said.

Baggan said she, too, was an emotional wreck as a result of the killing.

“Them fellas, whoever they are, they just kill my son and take him away from me, so how can I go on again?” she said.

“I am feeling real angry, hurt, right now, that is how I feeling. I am just leaving everything in the hands of the Father. He knows what is best. I just hope He gives me health and strength to carry on because I have the rest of kids to see about,” Baggan said.

She said Christmas Day, which was Baker’s birthday, would become a trying time for the family.

“His birthday is on Christ­mas Day so how I could ever cele­brate Christmas with my family again?” Baggan said.

Baggan was critical of the pro­tective services for their response to her son’s death.

She said his body lay on the ground for five hours before it was removed.

“No (the police will not solve this murder) because and I am saying this...we are black; if it was some other white people who have money and thing, they would have see about that, but they are going to sweep this under the mat and leave it just so,” Baggan said.

“He died around 9 o’clock and after three this morning, he was still lying down on the ground,” she said.

Baker was shot four times about the body, with numerous spent shells being recovered at the scene.

He died on the spot.

His killing was one of two homicides to take place around 9.30 on Friday night.

In an unrelated incident, Ho­micide detectives are inves­ti­gating the shooting death of an unidentified man in Beetham Gardens.

According to reports, the incident occurred along First Street in Beetham Gardens.

Residents reported hearing gunshots in the area and disco­vered a man lying in a pool of blood on the roadway. 

He died at the scene.