Thursday, February 22, 2018

Schoolboy stabbed to death over girl


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A 14-YEAR-old Moruga schoolboy was stabbed to death near his home on Friday night after an altercation with another teenaged boy over a girl, police believe.

Meshac Forbes, a pupil of Cowen Hamilton Secondary School, was pronounced dead at the Princes Town Health Centre. Police said they have little information on the suspect and the incident, since witnesses have been uncooperative with police in giving information on the case.

The incident occurred around 7.30 p.m. at Samuel Cooper Trace, St Mary's Village, a short distance away from where Forbes lived.

Police were told that Forbes' father, Clinton Forbes, received a phone call and was told his son had been stabbed.

The father rushed to the scene and picked up his son's body from the roadway and took him for medical treatment.

Police said the teenager had been stabbed three times about his body, and they believe the weapon used was a knife.

At the family's home yesterday, a relative told reporters he did not wish to speak about the incident. Residents in the area also remained tight-lipped.

One resident, a woman, would only say that Forbes was liming with a group of men and another teenager from the area when an argument arose over a teenaged girl.

The woman said she heard that the men encouraged Forbes into the fight, which ended in his death.

A party of police officers led by Superintendent Maynard, Inspectors Williams and Cooper and Sgt Ramdeen visited the scene.

Sgt Ramdeen is continuing investigations.