Sunday, February 18, 2018

Schools scheduled to reopen on time

All schools will reopen on time in Tobago, Education Secretary Huey Cadette and Coordinator Programme Implementation Marlon Austin has said. 

Austin said just over twenty million dollars will be afforded to school repairs. He added that approximately 34 schools are undergoing repair works, which include roof, drainage, security fencing, electrical upgrade and plumbing.

“We have visited the Moriah Government Primary, that is really to construct the whole floor on that school, because the floor was dilapidated. They had issues there with holes in the floor. So we change out the floor and made a concrete floor. We did some work at Des Vignes Road Government, where we repainted the school. We did some fencing works there, and construction of security booths because they had a problem with security at that school,” Austin said. 

He said despite the wet weather conditions, work continues apace at a number of primary and secondary schools across Tobago.  

“Some of the works will still be ongoing because it is scheduled to be like that. So I am not saying that all works will finish July, August, because that is not on the schedule of work, but what I can assure you is that the other works will not disrupt the operations of school as repairs continue from September to September,” Austin said. 

Education Secretary Huey Cadette has also called on all students to prepare themselves for the upcoming school term, as if they were footballers on the field of play. 

“If you did not do so well in the first half, ensure that you take the opportunity to refocus and restrategise for the second half. If you did very well in the second half, this is the responsibility to ensure that you continue that,” Cadette said. 

Several new initiatives within the educational system, are to commence, in the reopening of the new school term. “The samsung smart classroom where at Bon Accord Government and at the Speyside High School where each school would be outfitted with a laboratory with the latest Samsung tablets, Samsung television. That learning and teaching could be done in a very interactive gadget.”