Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Search still on for drowned Penal man

 THE father of missing bus driver Alex Sookhoo, who is believed to have drowned ten days ago in Cedros, is calling on the authorities to put more effort into the search for his body. 

Nandeo Sookhoo said while he knows Coast Guard officers have been searching since his son went missing on April 13, he wanted them to search deeper in the Columbus Channel, off Cedros. 

Sookhoo told the Express: “We heard there are three swirls in the sea, like a tunnel, and his body is there. A spiritual person told us. Maybe the Coast Guard can form a chain with more divers and get the body.” 

Alex Sookhoo, 28, of Lowkie Trace, Penal, the father of two daughters aged six and three, was last seen alive after he dived off a rock at Columbus Bay. 

Police said Alex Sookhoo went to the beach with relatives and was having fun when he dived off the rock at 2.45 p.m. 

Public relations officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard Kirk Jean-Baptiste said since the second day, divers have been going underwater to search for the body but it has not been found. 

Jean-Baptiste said the strength of the current sometimes prevents the body from being recovered and the search for Alex Sookhoo was one of “recovery rather than rescue”. 

Jean-Baptiste called for ba­thers to exercise extreme caution at the nation’s beaches since climate change issues are affecting the seas. 

Nandeo Sookhoo said there were no Easter celebrations this year since his son’s disappearance has left relatives and friends depressed. 

“We couldn’t celebrate anything. Right now, we are in such a state. His wife is not doing too well. Everyone is depressed,” said the father. 

PC Hosein of the Cedros Police Station is investigating.