Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Secret door at Office of the Opposition


SECRET DOOR: A pedestrian walks past the entrance to the Office of the Opposition Leader on Charles Street, Port of Spain. —Photos: AYANNA KINSALE

Mark Fraser

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said unknown persons breached a “secret back door” at his office and removed documents from his desk. Though the breach occurred last year in September, Rowley said it was only two weeks ago that he discovered the secret access door. 

Speaking at a media conference at the Opposition Leader’s office on Charles Street, Port of Spain yesterday, Rowley said he was only now able to reproduce the stolen documents which involved a “Government friend” who was involved in a multi-million dollar land deal with the Government.

“We did not know there was a back door here until two Mondays ago,” Rowley said.

“I have been here for three years and I never knew that this building could be entered by parties through a back door unknown to me and my staff,” he said.

Rowley said he did report the matter to the Parliament and said they spoke with the landlords as they too were “unaware of the back door”.

Despite that “penetration”, Rowley said he was not overly concerned as he had “nothing to hide”.

“I did suffer a particular loss relating to that particular item,” he said. See Page 5