Thursday, January 18, 2018

Security Officer Shot Dead

...murder toll reaches 146 for the year


Murdered security officer Rudranath Samlal

Donstan Bonn

A 52 year old Williamsville security guard was shot and killed at his

workplace today by thieves who escaped with $50,000.

Rudranath Samlal, 52, of Esmeralda Road, Williamsville, died on the compound of Franklyn and Errol Electrical Services and Machine Shop Limited, at Palm Drive, Duncan Village, near San Fernando.

Police said that at around 4 p.m. Samlal's co-worker returned from First Citizens at Gulf View, La Romaine, where $50,000 of the company's money was withdrawn.

The co-worker handed the money bag to Samlal near the company's gate and moments later, a man with a gun approached.

The robber shot Samlal in the chest and he collapsed and died within minutes. The robber grabbed the money bag and fled into a waiting Toyota Yaris.

Police believe Samlal's co-worker was followed from the bank.

Acting Senior Superintendent of Police Cecil Santana has advised business persons to exercise caution when withdrawing large sums of money.

Santana also advised business persons to pay employees by cheque or deposit money directly into their accounts, or contact police stations for escorts to and from the bank.

Samlal's family described him as a very caring and generous person who was looking forward to the upcoming wedding of his son.

"I pray whoever shot him will be brought to justice. And if the police don't get him, God will handle him", said his daughter Lorraine Samlal.

On Wednesday afternoon three men attempted to rob delivery men who were dropping off cash to a customer at Ste Madeleine.

Police said the thieves placed a metal pipe across the roadway, and at around 1.30 p.m, employees of Chin Cross Hardware, Debe, were making a cash on delivery drop-off to a customer at Goorah Cottage Road.

The delivery vehicle was forced to a stop, but workers hid the cash and handed over only their wallets containing $90.

A report was made to the Ste Madeleine Police Station and three men were later detained in connection with the incident.

(Richard Charan- Multimedia Editor)