Thursday, December 14, 2017

‘Security forces equipped for any action’

Minister of National Security Gary Griffith says citizens have no reason to be concerned about any potentially threatening statements made by anyone, as according to him, the nation’s security forces are prepared for any eventuality.

Griffith made this declaration yesterday in an interview with members of the media, following the launch of the “Public Emergency Dispatch Centre and the Community Comfort Patrols”, at the Police Academy building in St James. 

His comments came in response to a question concer­ning the minister’s view on recent statements made by Jamaat-al-Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr.

“The statement made by Mr Bakr is a statement that the law enforcement agencies will look at. But to me, I am sure there is absolutely no need for alarm. Our intelligence agencies are much better right now than what they were, say in 1990, when there was the attempted coup. 

“Right now, what we have is all our intelligence agencies all working together, so there will not be a situation of units working independently and competing for information and tripping over each other. 

“What we have is real-time information gathering which leads to real-time intelligence, which is then dismantled and shared to all our operations of law enforcement and Defence Force, which are currently wor­king together in collaboration throughout communities in this country via joint patrols.

This is even more effective now with the help of the National Operations Centre, which is the communications centre of this country,” Griffith said.

He added there was also a group of “specially trained men” in a tactical group which was specifically selected to deal with “high-risk” situations.

“The members of this group were specifically selec­ted and they are there to deal with any situation of hostage negotiations or anti-terrorist exercises or any type of insur­rection or actions of any insurgents who will put God past their thoughts and try to destroy our democracy. 

“What may have happened in 1990 that took five or six days to quell, well, rest assured, it will be dealt with in an hour if a similar attempt was made. So based on all these things, there is no need for the country, in any way, to be concerned on statements made by anyone,” Griffith said. 


 What Bakr said 

Following the raid on the Carapo mosque , Yasin Abu Bakr said: “The question of coming into the mosque in Ramadan and detaining people unlawfully will not, and I repeat, will not be accepted. Big man (Roger ) Alexander, if you think you can do whatever you want and you are not accountable to God, Mr Commissioner of Police, Mr Griffith, this is Abu Bakr; I am saying if you continue this transgression against us, we will respond appropriately, 

end of talk.”