Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Seebaran-Suite sworn in as EOC chairman

 Attorney Lynette See­baran-Suite was sworn in on Wednesday as a member and chairman of the Equal Op­portunity Commission (EOC) by President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona. 

Seebaran-Suite is a well-known civil attorney and has been a progressive advocate on social issues and ills.

A release from the President’s Office stated at the swearing in, Seeba­ran-Suite’s achievements were read out by Lieutenant Commander Don Polo, aide-de-camp to Carmona.

The release stated the rights of women and girls have long been the subject of much debate and no one knows that more than Seebaran-Suite. 

“From her earliest days, Mrs Seebaran-Suite

has been an avid sup­por­ter of the rule of law, due process and social jus­tice. In 1975, Mrs See­ba­ran-Suite gradua­ted with a Bachelor of Laws degree (first-class honours) from the Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill, Barbados. She was awarded the Hugh Wooding scholarship by the Guild of Graduates of the university and attended the Hugh Wooding Law School and was called to the Bar in November of 1977.

“Mrs Seebaran-Suite cut her teeth in the legal profession as a legal research officer in the Law Commission before joining the chambers in 1980 of well-respected jurist, former chief justice of Trinidad and Tobago and former president of the Caribbean Court of Justice Mr Michael de la Bastide QC. 

“In 1990, she estab­lished her legal firm and

had represen­ted hundreds of women, children and men in the Family


“A firm advocate of law reform in the area of

the rights of women and children, Mrs Seebaran-Suite has been directly responsible for raising the awareness of the plight of women and girls

in Trinidad and Tobago. Her influence has exten­ded to national legislation as she was a part of the national discourse leading to the passage of the Sexual Offences Act in 1986. This act, inter alia, abolished certain discriminatory rules relating to the evidence of women and girls in sexual offences cases.

“Over the years, Mrs Seebaran-Suite has been a member of numerous statutory bodies, boards, committees and NGOs (non-governmental organisations)... 

“At the 50th Indepen­dence Awards in 2012, Mrs Seebaran-Suite was awarded the Medal For the Development of Wo­men (Gold) for her con­tri­butions in the sphere of law. 

“She is married to engineer professor emeritus Winston Suite and is the mother of Dr Dara-Chameli Seebaran-Suite, who recently graduated in the United Kingdom,” the release stated.