Friday, January 19, 2018

Semi-inclusive North Stand for pan finals


Mark Fraser

 Pan TrinBago has offered every pan player who participates in the National Panorama Finals an opportunity to be a part of the off-stage action for today’s final.

Players can access the North Stand for a subsidised price of $100 and they will still receive all the perks granted to patrons who pay $400.

Patrons paying for the North Stand will receive complimentary snacks and have access to a premium bar throughout the night. 

Each band in the finals, including single pan and small conventional, can purchase 50 tickets and the cost will be deducted from their prize money, but this must be agreed to in advance.

According to Richard Forteau, “Management can also purchase tickets for the entire band if they so desire and with the same payment plan.”

Forteau continued, “The NCC has built the North Stand for us. I think we should put it to use and the best way is for us to support our own thing. Pan people have to show the world that we care about our thing before anybody else.”

Just over 3,000 pannists are to play in the National Panorama finals and the North Stand can accommodate about 9,000 patrons, so there is still plenty room for regular patrons to come and enjoy the finals in a semi-inclusive atmosphere.