Friday, December 15, 2017

Senior cop under probe after boat engine goes missing from station

A senior police officer with over 25 years’ experience is being investigated following the disappearance of a boat engine.

The officer, sources say, is attached to the North Eastern Division and is currently on 14 months’ vacation leave.

Prior to taking vacation, the officer took 14 days’ sick leave.

The Sunday Express understands the engine is valued at $40,000 and was found by officers of the Blanchisseuse Police Station on July 15, 2010. The engine was lodged at the station for safe keeping while efforts were made to find its owner.

Last month, the engine was removed from the station. It was discovered missing by a junior officer at the station and a note was made in the station diary.

A probe was launched and the inspector who is in charge of the station and Senior Supt of the North Eastern Division Christopher Lewis summoned the officer.

Sources say the officer told his seniors he removed the engine and took it to the Stolen Vehicles Unit (SVU), Port of Spain branch.

However, checks were made and the seniors discovered this was not the case.

The officer was again called and admitted to removing the engine. Sources say the engine was returned one week ago and is lodged at the SVU.

Contacted for comment, Lewis said there was a report being investigated with respect to the boat engine.

“An investigation is ongoing into the boat engine which is in police is an internal investigation which deals with procedural breaches,” he said.