Saturday, December 16, 2017

Senior cop: Don't drink and drive

CENTRAL Division senior superintendent Deodath Doolarchan is pleading with citizens not to drink and drive if they want to save their lives and the lives of others while on the road.

His plea came yesterday, following the deaths of two people in Felicity after their vehicle was struck from behind by an alleged intoxicated driver.

Doolarchan said, "The police are pleading with motorists to be careful, but it seems that the plea is falling on deaf ears. The Police Service and different organisations like Arrive Alive, they are placing emphasis on drivers to drive with caution, to obey the highway codes." • See Page 16

Doolarchan, who knows the families of the victims, said the tragic accident could have been avoided.

He said, "We are hoping for the festive season that people will be extremely cautious on the road and with all the parties leading up to New Year's, we are asking people to be extremely cautious and not drink and drive."