Saturday, February 24, 2018

Service its own reward, says Rowley

 Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has called on citizens to take pattern from the life of Jesus Christ and embrace service as its own reward.

In his Easter message released yesterday Rowley said, “Presently in Trinidad and Tobago, there is talk of a leadership crisis. We are regularly bombarded with unsettling stories of those who hold themselves out to us as leaders. Many times we feel despondent and are tempted to paint everyone with the same brush. As such, I take this opportunity to speak to all the citizens of our nation, including those who lead, those who aspire to lead.”

He added, “It is Easter time again and the world prepares to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Son of God. The lessons that can be drawn from the story of Easter are varied, but this year I choose to focus attention on Jesus as the remarkable and selfless leader. Jesus Christ came into this world with purpose. From the moment of his birth, his influence was immediate. Before He ever spoke a word, His star was being followed by kings.

“Indeed this set the tone for His life on earth and ultimately His death. He was a born leader and even to this day, remains the single most influential person of all time. He personifies selfless service to all of mankind and eventually gave his life on the cross so that all men would have the opportunity for forgiveness and the hope of eternal life.”

“I implore that we take pattern from The Lord Jesus Christ and embrace service as it’s own reward. Let us come to an understanding that none of us is perfect but that we are indeed our brothers’ keeper and should seek to set good examples in whatever we do. This is especially important to those of us who are fortunate enough to be looked upon as leaders.

“And so, on behalf of the People’s National Movement, I wish all and sundry a safe, happy and Holy Easter. May God bless us all and continue to inspire us to be better every day.”