Saturday, February 24, 2018

Severe weather triggers flash floods in north Trinidad of UWI campus affected


A satellite image showing the sever weather over Trinidad this afternoon.

Donstan Bonn


UWI students walk on bricks placed along the roadway to avoid the water flowing after heavy rainfall.

Donstan Bonn


The flooded Engineering Department at Block 7, UWI, St Augustine.

Donstan Bonn


A flooded parking lot at UWI, St Augustine.

Donstan Bonn


Donstan Bonn


The maracas Valley River this afternoon. PHOTO by GYASI GONZALES

Donstan Bonn

Severe weather swept across parts of north Trinidad today, causing flash floods in Tunapuna, Curepe and St Augustine.

There was also flooding on the campus of the University of the West Indies, and surrounding streets. Water got into several university buildings,the Express was told.

The Meteorological Office at Piarco at 10.41a.m. today forecast bad weather continuing into the afternoon, with gusty winds, and floods during the thunderstorms.

The bad weather was affecting south and central Trinidad this afternoon.