Wednesday, February 21, 2018

‘Sharma incident’: police quiz teacher

Investigators probing the report of assault against former tourism mi­nister Chandresh Sharma yesterday visited the St Augustine home of school teacher Geeta Maharaj.

Sources told the Express Maharaj spoke with investigators yesterday afternoon where she gave her account of what transpi­red, insisting she did not witness any altercation between Sharma and his ex-girlfriend Sacha Singh.

Sources told the Express investigators are expected to re-interview Singh and then interview Sharma.

Sharma is currently in Canada and is expected to return home later this week.

On Wednesday, during an interview with the Express, Maharaj said she ne­ver witnessed the alleged altercation between Shar­-

ma and Singh.

The Express had contac­ted Maharaj after receiving an audio recording which contained a conversation between Maharaj, Singh and a male teacher from a school in east Trinidad, chatting about the alleged incident at the Grand Bazaar mall on March 12.

The conversation took place last Friday at a school in east Trinidad.

When the Express played the recording, Maharaj confirmed she was part of the discussion, which she referred to as “idle conversation”.

In the discussion, Maharaj spoke about Singh being pushed and how she hit her head and blacked out.

Allegations have been made that Maharaj was paid to change her story.

She has denied this.

Efforts to contact Maharaj were unsuccessful yesterday as calls to her mo­bile phone went unanswered.

Last week, Ag Police Commissioner Stephen Williams confirmed a report lodged at the St Joseph Police Station against Shar-

ma is being investigated.

The matter against Sharma was reported on March 12 by Singh and allegedly took place around 8 p.m. at Grand Bazaar.

Singh was visited last Friday afternoon at her Piarco office and recorded a statement. She was quizzed for over two hours.

On Monday, Sharma resigned as tourism minister, vowing to clear his name.