Sunday, January 21, 2018

She’s adviser to the Sport Minister

.PM just as responsible for LifeSport fiasco’

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said the Prime Minister and Sport Minister Anil Roberts were “like two teenage lovers behind the parliamentary chair” preparing his response to the motion of censure which the Opposition had moved against him in the Parliament.

Speaking at a public meeting, Rowley said the expenditure on this programme had ballooned from $6 million to hundreds of millions and one couldn’t point to anything it has produced, apart from “generating grand theft, threat to life and limb, public officers in safe houses, killings to those associated and persons coming forward and showing cheques they received, cashed and shared with public officers who had custody of that money”.

“And while all this is going on the minister with responsibility for that programme comes on national television, calls a news conference to question the media about carrying the story. He has a right to do that.

Because the disorder led by the Prime Minister was shown in the Parliament recently, when the motion of censure was put to him (Roberts), it was the Prime Minister who was his adviser.

“Before the Parliament convened they sat head to head like two teenaged lovers behind the parliamentary chair preparing for his response. And while he was speaking his untruths in the Parliament, it was the Prime Minister who was egging him on, on what to say and how to say it,” Rowley stated.

Rowley said Roberts told the Parliament that Curtis “Tall man” Gibson had absolutely no involvement in LifeSport. He said the person to whom Mark Bassant spoke in an exclusive TV interview aired on Monday and Tuesday nights, said the person who recruited him was “Tall man”.

Rowley added that another functionary of the LifeSport programme “in hiding” (Ruth Marchan) had also told the media that “Tall man” was on the payroll of the “Imam” who was involved in LifeSport.