Saturday, February 17, 2018

Shortage of plastic water tanks Desalination Plant shutdown starts today


FILLING UP: A San Fernando City Corporation water tanker fills water tanks at the Corporation's Pleasantville district office yesterday. Pleasantville is one of the areas affected by the shutdown of the Desalination Plant at Point Lisas, Couva starting today and continuing until January 24. –Photo: TREVOR WATSON

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There is a shortage of plastic water tanks at hardware stores in South and Central Trinidad.

People in search of tanks to bolster their supply during the coming water shortage will have to consider other options.

The Desalination Plant at Point Lisas will today shut down for ten days while maintenance work is done.

As a result, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), which purchases some of its water from the company operating the plant, has announced a schedule that will see approximately 150,000 customers receiving water on a limited basis during the period of the shutdown.

Several hardware store owners have complained that they have not been able to meet demand because they did not receive any stocks from their suppliers. Dealers have been bombarded with calls from potential customers. The businesses are hopeful they will receive supplies this week. The main seller, they said, was the 400-gallon tank.

Prices for those ranged from $500 to $650 depending on the hardware store. There are two brands of water tanks that are generally sold–Rotoplastics and Buffalo.

A salesperson at Dindial's Central Hardware Ltd, at Southern Main Road in McBean, Couva, said the last time the hardware received water tanks was two weeks ago and the 1000-gallon tanks were sold out shortly after.

A salesperson at Lena's Hardware, at Caroni Savannah Road in Chaguanas, also said the last time they received a supply was two weeks ago. They received ten tanks and all sold out.

Ramkissoon Sawh, manager of R.Sawh Hardware and General Supplies Limited, in Marabella, said on Friday he received a supply of five 400-gallon tanks and they were sold out the same day.

But in Mayaro, Vishnu Moonan, owner of SR Moonan and Sons, said he had water tanks in stock.

"Whatever water tank people will get they will buy."

He said the hardware was stocked with different sizes of water tanks but many persons were purchasing a 400-gallon tank.

A sales representative from Point Fortin Hardware Ltd said they did not have any in stock and when they called the supplier to place an order, they were told they did not have any in stock.

When asked for a comment regarding the issue, an official at Rotoplastics Trinidad Ltd, which sells the Rotoplastics brand, said: "We have no comment on the issue."

And attempts to get in contact with Century Elson Ltd, which manufactures Buffalo water tanks, were futile.