Saturday, February 24, 2018

Shot cop: I will carry on


Wounded Police detective Nicholas Phillip who survived the incident in San Fernando on Tuesday that led to the shooting death of his colleague, Sergeant Hayden Manwaring. PHOTO BY DAVE PERSAD

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Died of injuries: Hayden Manwaring

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Shot Police Constable Nicholas Phillip yesterday described slain Sgt Hayden Manwaring as a great leader who was sincere and honest in the performance of his duties.

Phillip, 30, was shot in the right arm when the two officers confronted four robbery suspects at Butler Street, San Fernando, on Tuesday afternoon.

However, Phillip said he planned to return the work as soon as he could.

Phillip told the Express yesterday, "The bullet is still lodged in my arm. In the next few weeks, the doctors would make an incision and remove the bullet. But I am okay. I just want to assist investigators with this incident."

Phillip admitted he and Manwaring were not wearing bulletproof vests when they cornered the suspects, who had earlier been involved in a robbery at a fast food outlet at Cipero Street, San Fernando.

"As detectives conducting enquiries, you have to be able to walk into a crowd and blend in. You cannot be wearing these gear and be outstanding. So we just went along with the enquiries," he said.

The officers were in plain clothes in an unmarked vehicle, the Express was told.

A police officer for almost five years, Phillip said he was fortunate to have Manwaring as a supervisor.

"We worked together for the better part of my stay in San Fernando. He was an inspiration, a great leader, a sincere and honest individual," he said.

Recalling his last moments with Manwaring, Phillip said: "We were in the car just relaxed, but aware of our surroundings when we heard the report on the radio. The suspects had escaped in an AD wagon."

Phillip said the car was spotted exiting Padmore Street, San Fernando. He said they approached the vehicle. There were four occupants who fought to escape.

One of the suspects began pushing open the car door, but Manwaring pushed back.

The suspect then grabbed Manwaring's firearm and several shots were fired.

"I was shot and the sergeant fell inside the vehicle. I drew my service revolver and began firing. The men escaped, all except the driver. The sergeant said he was shot. I told the driver to go to the hospital," he said.

Phillip was treated and discharged the same night, but stayed at the San Fernando General Hospital until his colleague was out of surgery.

Phillip said the injury was his first in the line of duty, but he was prepared to continue the struggle to reduce crime.

"I am not going to allow this to consume me. I will continue to go on," he said.