Monday, February 19, 2018

Shutdown continues to plague Sando court

A notice was posted at the front gate to the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, advising that cash transactions could not be conducted.

The service closed early again yesterday.

Business at the court has been affected for the past two weeks as workers who raised health and safety concerns at the building continue to stay away from work.

Last week, Public Services Association (PSA) president Watson Duke visited the court after defence attorney Ainsley Lucky brought the issue to his attention.

Watson said he observed mosquitoes, humid courtrooms, drooping ceilings, stained carpets, dust covered windows, outdated fire extinguishers and no fire escapes.

Two days ago, he called for documents concerning the San Fernando courthouse and others throughout the country, to be handed over by tomorrow.

Since last week Tuesday, workers have been arriving for work, signing the register and leaving the court.

Cash transactions have been affected and yesterday the sign told members of the public that the cashier was not operating.

Inside the courthouse there are also signs that administrative staff were absent from the job as a justice of the peace was at the Sixth Court recording notes during court hearings.

The Judiciary has stated that by October, work will begin on a building that has been acquired to be used as the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court. This should take a year to complete.