Sunday, January 21, 2018

Singh: WASA spent $1b on projects

 Water availability for 24/7 has moved from 18 per cent in 2010 to 58.8 per cent at the present time, Minister of Water Resources and the Environment Ganga Singh said yesterday.

He told the Senate that WASA had spent $1.16 billion on developmental work designed to improve the range and frequency of water delivery in Trinidad and Tobago between January 1, 2011 and January 31, 2014.  

He said this money ($1,166,296.523) had been spent throughout Trinidad and Tobago on 823 projects.

In giving the breakdown of the projects and the money spent, he revealed that Siparia had the most projects— 70 projects at a cost of 70 million. 

San Fernando East had the least number of projects—one project at a cost of $476,190.63. Most constituencies had between 20 and 30 projects. Exceptions were Caroni East with 41 projects ($40.3 million), Couva North  with 43 projects ($35.5 million) St Joseph (49 projects at a cost of $58.3 million); Toco/Sangre Grande (59 projects at a cost of $57.6 million).  

However Tobago West had 24 projects which cost $54.5 million.

He said WASA had loans from June 2010 to now: a) $1.335 billion from a fixed rate bond from Citicorp which on March 28,2011 amounted to $928,444.338.00 million. 

He said WASA also had an overdraft facility agreement of $420 million from RBC. He said WASA had a US $50 million loan from the IDB for the construction of waste water facilities at Maloney and for institutional strengthening. 

Multiphase water treatment programme for which a US$546.5  million loan was approved from the IDB. 

He said the IDB loan would assist in the rehabiliation and expansion of the large water treatment plants in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Furthermore, to tackle the water issues in Tobago, WASA would receive US$2.27 million under the IDB Waste Water Resolving Fund. This would allow it to connect waste water in Scarborough to the Water Treatment plant. 

In terms of loan repayment, WASA has paid $414.3 million in fiscal 2010/2011; $317.2 million in fiscal 2011/2012; $503 million in fiscal 2012/2013 and $87 million between October and December 2013. 

—Ria Taitt