Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Siparia man found dead with throat slit

 LAST week, Corey Alexander received death threats from someone he knew. Yesterday morning, he was found lying in a pool of blood by his mother. His throat was slit.

His jewelry, worth $50,000, clothes and sneakers were missing.

His father, Curtis Alexander, said his wife, Christiana Alex­ander, was too distraught to speak. Corey Alexander, 32 was the couple’s only child. The family lives in Percy Vidale Avenue, DeGannes Village, Siparia.

Corey Alexander worked as a daily-paid labourer with the Ministry of Health’s Division in Siparia. He has no children and was not married.

Curtis Alexander, 54, said: “I woke up

this morning about

four and I went down­stairs to see if he (Co­rey) was okay. I saw his door open but I didn’t go into his room, and I was cleaning my yard as I always do on a morning. I was waiting until the mother get up and his mother went down and saw him dead.”

He said: “His mom

saw him dead on the ground. He was

covered with blood, crumpled up, lying

on the floor off his

bed. They slit his

throat; they took all his jew­el­ry, clothing, sneak­ers.”

Alexander said he heard no noises in the night. His wife

did, but she did not pay much

attention because she was accustomed to her son reaching

home at various times.

He said his son’s apartment was under renovation, which would have made it easily acces­sible to the perpetrators.

Police officers from the South-Western Division are continuing investigations.

His killing brought the mur­der toll for the year so far to 234.

It stood at 195 at the same time last year.