Friday, January 19, 2018

Five ex-monarchs in the fray

National calypso semis

The names of the 40 calypsonians who will perform in the semi-final of the National Calypso Monarch competition at Skinner Park, San Fernando, were released yesterday. Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) president Lutalo Massimba (Brother Resistance) released the names which were sealed in a brown envelope.

He said the release of the names should be a jovial occasion but instead it was mixed with sadness for the passing of former TUCO head, national calypso monarch, Road March champion and school teacher Sedley Joseph (Penguin), who died on January 27 following a stroke.

Five former monarchs are among the semifinalists, including Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust), Kurt Allen,  Michael Osouna (Sugar Aloes), Singing Sandra) and 2011 monarch, Karen Asche. There are also quite a few newcomers to Skinner Park, including Helon Francis, one of the youngest calypsonians on the semifinal list. 

Also appearing in Skinner Park will be Anthony Hendrickson (Allrounder), Sean Daniel, Terri Lyons, (The Original De Fosto Himself), Yvette Steele (Lady Gypsy), Marva Joseph (Marvellous Marva), Mr Chucky (Roderick Gordon), Carlos James (Skatie) and Karen Eccles-Thomas. The semi-final competition will take place on Saturday February 2 from noon. TUCO also released the names of the calypsonians in the finals of the Social and Political commentaries.

These are the 40 semi-finalists in

alphabetical order as well as the

finalists in both the Political and Social commentaries.


Alana Sinnette

Alex Gift (Tobago Chalkie)

Allan Fortune

Anthony Hendrickson (Allrounder)

Carlos James (Skatie)

Devon Seale

Dillon Thomas

Eric Taylor (Pink Panther)

Eunice Peters

Giselle Fraser-Washington"

Heather McIntosh

Helon Francis

Henson Wright (Calypso Prince)

Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust)

Karen Eccles-Thomas

Karene Asche

Khadja Antoine

Kizzy Ruiz

Kurt Allen

Leslie Ann Ellis

Yvette Steele (Lady Gypsy)

Marion Pamponette

Marsha Charles

Marva Joseph (Marvellous Marva)

Michael Leggerton (Protector)

Michael Osouna (Sugar Aloes)

Michelle Henry

Myron Bruce (Myron B)

Nicole Thomas

Randolph Hillaire (Count Robin)

Roderick Gordon (Mr Chucky)

Roslyn Reid

Sandra Desvignes (Singing Sandra)

Sean Daniel

Shamika Denoon

Sheldon Bullen (Nugget)

Terri Lyons

Victor Mc Donald (Mr Mack)

Victoria Cooper (Queen Victoria)


Ann Marie Parks (Twiggy)

Lornette Nedd-Reed (Fya Empress)

Winston Scarborough (De Original De Fosto Himself)

TUCO Social Commentary


Helon Francis

Roderick Gordon (Mr Chucky)

Sheldon Bullen (Nugget)

TUCO Political Finalists

Devon Seale

Eunice Peters

Kurt Allen