Friday, February 23, 2018

Slain brothers’ funeral tomorrow

The funeral service for nine-year-old Jadel Holder and 15-year-old Jamal Braithwaite is expected to take place at 10 a.m. tomorrow at the Simpsons Funeral Home, Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

Relatives of the two murdered boys yesterday afternoon told the Express this yesterday.

Relatives also noted that, contrary to media reports, Michelle Holder, the mother of the two boys, had not left her Petunia Avenue, Morvant, home after receiving death threats, but rather because of the fact that she “could not stand the thought” of living in the same place that her sons were killed.

“I don’t know where this report that she gone into hiding come from. She has nothing to hide from. She hasn’t done anything wrong. She moved from the house because as a mother, she cannot stand the thought of living under the same roof that her children were killed. I mean we are not going to advertise her current location, but at the same time, she’s not hiding either. She just moved out,” explained a relative.

Today marks eight days since the two young boys were killed. No one has been arrested for the murders.

On June 1, the brothers had just had lunch at their home at Petunia Avenue, Morvant, when around 3 p.m. two gunmen broke into their home. Within minutes the brothers were killed. Their 16-year-old cousin Glendel Alexander, was also wounded in the incident.

The attackers then escaped.

—Alexander Bruzual