Friday, December 15, 2017

Slain teen Dayron Baker laid to rest


Gunned down: Dayron Baker

Mark Fraser

One week after he was brutally gunned down near his home at Cizan Trace, Diego Martin, 13-year-old Dayron Baker was laid to rest on Friday morning following a funeral service at St John’s Church, along Church Street, Diego Martin.

Baker, a standard five pupil of Patna River Estate Government Primary School, was killed on July 11, when unknown gunmen shot him while as he was walking towards his grandfather’s shop to purchase bandages and a drink.

At the funeral, the teenager, who was due to write his Secondary Entrance Assessment examination (SEA) next year, was described as a kind and loving soul and friends and relatives were still trying to come to terms with the incident.

“It’s hard. That boy now begin his life, now starting to live, and they kill him? He was excited to do his studies. The man was just a joy, a light, and they kill him for no reason. Is this what our country come to now? That they have to kill little boys on the road? That is madness,” exclaimed a female mourner who gave her name as Beth.

Police sources told the Express that no one has been held for Baker’s murder.

However, they noted that investigations into the incident were continuing at a rapid pace, with the aim of reaching a “fruitful resolution”.