Sunday, January 21, 2018

Son of ex-HDC head Noel Garcia slain

The 30-year-old son of Noel Garcia, former general manager of the Hou­sing Development Corporation (HDC), was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in Cumuto.

While up to press time, full details remained unavailable, police reported that at about 1.15 p.m. yesterday, Christopher Garcia, who resided in Unity Gardens, Couva, was visiting his grandmother in an area known as 100 Acres, along the Cumuto Main Road, Cumuto.

While at the house, police said Gar-­cia was called outside and got in­to an altercation with a man known to him.

During the altercation, the assailant reportedly pulled out a firearm and shot at Garcia repeatedly.

Garcia was hit multiple times about his body, including his upper torso and head. He died on the scene.

A party of officers from the Nor­thern Division and the Homicide

Bureau of Investigations, led by Su­per­intendent Daniel, visited the scene and crime scene investigators cordoned off the area, recovering sev­eral spent shells.

Several attempts to reach Noel Garcia yesterday were unsuccessful.

However, the Express was able to get in touch with Noel Garcia’s bro­ther, Anthony Garcia, former president of the Trinidad and Tobago Uni­fied Teachers’ Association (TTUTA), who confirmed the police reports were true and his nephew had indeed been killed.

Anthony Garcia said his brother was in Ghana, but he had been informed of his son’s death and plans were already being made for him to return to Trinidad as soon as possible.

Anthony Garcia said he was told of the incident by his brother, who asked him to visit the scene and to look after his wife.

“My brother called me from Gha­na and told me that his wife, who is down here, had called him and that she was sounding hysterical and in a state of shock, and he asked if I could go over to the grandmother’s house. So I said okay and when I arrived, I saw my nephew’s body lying on the ground. I saw it myself, so I can definitively confirm that, unfortunately, Christopher was indeed killed.

“I honestly cannot say why anyone would want to do this. When I was there, everyone was in tears and in grief, so I wasn’t given the whole story as to what exactly happened. But as far as I know, Christopher was generally a very quiet person. He was not prone to trouble. I never knew him as giving any trouble at all.

“In fact, as far as I am aware, the only reason he was in the East was because he went to visit his grandmother, whom he is very fond of.

“He loved his grandmother very, very much and although he lived in Cou­va, he would often make the trip up on his own accord to visit her and spend time with her...because that was the kind of person he was, just a loving and caring man, so naturally, everyone is taking this death very hard, especially his mother.

“It is already difficult to lose a loved one, but under these circumstances, it is especially difficult,” said Anthony Garcia.

He said his nephew would have been 31 in a couple of months and he had five other siblings.

Investigations are continuing.

Garcia’s death takes the murder toll for the year to date to 140.