Friday, February 23, 2018

South hospitals treat 192 injuries

...up from last year

ALMOST 200 people came to South hospitals during the long Carnival weekend for treatment to gunshot, stab, assault and car crash injuries.

This, according to the statistical record of the South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA), which was disclosed by its chief executive officer, Anil Gosine.

The SWRHA administers the San Fernando General Hospital, Couva District Health Facility, Point Fortin Area Hospital, Princes Town District Health Facility and the Siparia District Health Facility.

The statistics, which covered cases between Carnival Friday to Carnival Tuesday, revealed 122 persons were treated for assault injuries, ten for stab wounds, three for gunshot injuries and 57 who were injured in vehicular accidents.

Altogether, there were 192 patients being treated for injuries, an increase from last year’s figure of 86.

However, last year, the statistics, which were categorised under gunshot wounds, stab/chop wounds, and motor vehicle accidents, did not include the number of pa­-

tients who came in seeking treatment for assault.

Gosine said yesterday: “The hospitals were capable of handling these matters. All were treated and sent home. I am not sure about those with the gunshot wounds, though. There were no fatalities as a result of Carnival that were recorded. Those we treat­ed were mainly minor injuries.”