Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sparrow celebrates 79th birthday

The Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) celebrates his 79th birthday today.

When the Express spoke with him yesterday he was in high spirits and looking forward to performing tonight at  Mas Camp Pub, Woodbrook.

When we wished Sparrow happy birthday, he laughed and   began to sing, “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to the Birdie, happy birthday to me.”

Of celebrating 79 years of life and being in good health, Sparrow said: “You know it can’t be sweeter than this. Sweeter than springtime. This is a wonderful celebration and you know what comes after this? Eighty years old and I am looking forward to that celebration from now.”

Sparrow said he will be performing for at least an hour tonight and will be ready to accommodate whatever requests his fans may have.

The concert will also feature performances by Chalkdust and Baron, with musical accompaniment by Cummings and the Wailers. 

“I have promised to perform for one hour and when one hour done, I am ready to hightail it. I will drink half a beer as my doctor in New York, Dr Naha, told me that I can have a beer once in a while. So I will drink half a beer because he (Dr Naha) treats me like family and I don’t want to let him down,” said Sparrow.

“I am ready to give them a grand performance. My memory is at a hundred per cent and I will give them a bit of everything. I will give them a little Spanish, a little Dutch, some Patois, a little French, of course some good old queen’s English. It will be a great celebration with my family, friends and fans,” he added.

Sparrow gave his countless fans all over the world quite a scare last September when he was in a coma that lasted for a couple of weeks at a hospital in New York, USA.

Several times during that period it was posted on a number of social media websites and on radio stations that Sparrow had died, which upset his family, leading them to announce that no news of his death was to be believed unless it came directly from them. 

Sparrow eventually came out of the coma and spent several weeks recovering at a health facility, then at his home in New York.