Monday, January 22, 2018

Spiritualist denies meaning ‘Penny for PM’

 “Spiritualist” Marva Todd, who last Saturday predicted former People’s National Movement (PNM) senator Pennelope Beckles-Robinson would become the next prime minister and called on members of the PNM Women’s League to support her, has said her words were misconstrued. 

In an e-mail sent to the Express on Thursday, Todd sta­ted: “With reference to the article re ‘Queen Penny for PM’ in the Tri­nidad Express, dated January 16, 2014, I wish to state categorically that I have the utmost respect for the founding fathers of the nation and my words were obviously misconstrued.”

The correspondence was signed: “Marva Todd, published author/spiritualist”.

Todd was a guest speaker at the recent PNM Women’s League regular monthly meeting at Balisier House in Port of Spain. She had been scheduled to talk about domestic violence, but she urged PNM women to support Beckles-Robinson.

In what was thought to be a reference to the former political leaders whose photographs hang on the wall and whose pictures she looked at, Todd is reported to have said: “The men must come down.”

She said she was seeing “Queen Penny” as the next prime minister.

Several women walked out and some protested.

Beckles-Robinson, who had brought Todd to address the meeting, stopped her, saying Keith Rowley was “our political leader”.

Todd apologised for her statements, saying she was over­come by the Holy Spirit.