Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stacy's husband: It is all lies

...Unhappy with test results

THE results of tests on blood samples taken from the body of mother-of-three Stacy Ramdeen have not convinced her husband that she ingested drugs and alcohol.

Evans Petamber has instead accused the authorities of hiding the truth and promised to send his wife's blood samples abroad for further testing.

According to a report in yesterday's Newsday, police reported that toxicology reports on Ramdeen's blood samples showed traces of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

However, Petamber said yesterday: "The only thing they would find in her blood is drugs from medication she was taking for the cough and a toothache. She did not swallow drugs and alcohol. I am going to send blood samples abroad for testing. I need to do this because I want to know the truth. I am not going to allow the police to cover up what really happened," he said.

Petamber said his wife's death was a homicide, as there were marks of violence about her body. He said her neck was also fractured.

"Drugs or alcohol in the blood cannot cause those marks or that fracture in the neck," he said.

Petamber said a hospital report stated that his wife's pupils were dilated and she was not responsive on arrival at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

"The report stated that she was given adrenaline and the heart started pumping. She was pronounced dead half an hour later," he said.

Petamber said he will not bury his wife until a Government-ordered review on two disputed autopsies performed on his wife is completed.

The reports are being reviewed by United States pathologist Dr James Gill.

On November 8, police officers of the Central Division Task Force conducted a raid at Ramdeen's home at Ibis Gardens, Caroni.

That afternoon, Ramdeen, 32, who was also known as Ameera Mohammed, was pronounced dead at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mount Hope.

An autopsy conducted by Dr Hughvon Des Vignes at the Forensic Science Centre stated the cause of death as asphyxia. The post mortem report also indicated that she suffered from chronic heart disease, which could have led to her death.

Police had initially reported that Ramdeen swallowed an unknown quantity of cocaine during the raid and subsequently died, despite repeated attempts to revive her.

Not satisfied with the results of the autopsy, the family had a second autopsy conducted by Dr Hubert Daisley. Daisley conducted the autopsy at a funeral home, and found the cause of death was as a result of strangulation.