Thursday, February 22, 2018

‘Staff panic, flee Sport Ministry’

 Reports emanating from the Ministry of Sport yesterday indica­ted staff at the ministry were thrown into a state of panic when three men associated with the LifeSport programme entered the building around midday.

The Express was told the three men were due to attend a meeting with a senior official in the ministry. 

Staff members who were not aware of  that scheduled meeting panicked when they saw the three men and many employees left the building. 

“With all the talk about death threats and people actually dying, people became scared,” one employee stated. 

The employee said the three men were among those who used to meet with Ruth Mar­chan, director of Physical Education and Sport. 

Marchan is in hiding because she said she has received death threats in connection with the LifeSport programme. Her bodyguard, Curtis Gibson, was murdered last week. 

The Express was told shortly after this incident, there was a bomb scare and remaining staff members then left the building.

At around 1 p.m., the National Operations Centre (NOC) issued a news release, stating it would like to notify the public that there are no threats to any State or other infrastructure, Government or other wise. 

“The NOC rejects as nonsense and mischief-mongering any and all rumours to that effect,” it said.

At 5 p.m., National Security Minister Gary Griffith issued a statement. 

Griffith told the 

Express he was informed there was a bomb scare. He said he knew nothing about the reports of three men from LifeSport entering the building.



Griffith: State security second to none

“In response to the latest attempt to destabilise the smooth operation of the State through misleading rumours of instability, especially via the abuse of channels of communication on the social media, the Minister of National Security, Senator the Honourable Gary Griffith again advises the national public that at any time now and in future, they should be guided by faith in the mechanisms of National Security and not by panic and rumours.

“The minister further advises that the State’s security mechanisms, intelligence gathering and law enforcement response are second to none, and that while there are no guarantees that the lawless among us might not be tempted to test them, there is every guarantee that they would fail in those endeavours every time.

“The public should rest assured that the combined forces harnessed seamlessly through the National Operations Centre provide a formidable challenge to any and all who might consider any activities of this nature. Furthermore, the diligent and hardworking members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and all of the other arms of State security stand ready to defend this nation with the highest degree of professionalism, patriotism and training.

“The Minister of National Security further advises that any information pertaining to threats to the State or disruption of public order will be generated from the National Operations Centre in a timely and accurate manner as all arms and apparatus are working together to ensure the safety and security of all the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.”