Saturday, December 16, 2017

State helps family get wheelchair

JOYCE LALL, the mother of a 40-year-old mentally and physically challenged daughter, cried yesterday after receiving a wheelchair from the State.

Lall said, "These are tears of joy I am crying. I am happy. I am so grateful for all the help."

Lall had pleaded with the government to get a wheelchair for her daughter, Shanti Lall, who has been bedridden all her life.

The family's story was published in yesterday's Express.

Lall, 65, and her husband Dan Singh, 65, both suffer from various ailments.

When contacted on Wednesday, Minister of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh said he would immediately help the family of Hermitage Village, Debe.

Social worker Sandra Mata-Theodore visited the family yesterday, accompanied by two staff members of the Social Development Ministry.

They gave the family a wheelchair, valued around $2,000, and a temporary food card valued at $410.

A motorised wheelchair would have been preferred, said Singh, because it was difficult for the couple to even push the wheelchair.

However, staff worker Edmund Charles said the "normal" wheelchairs were all the ministry had available at the moment, but they will try to obtain a motorised one for Shanti Lall.

Singh, whose toes on the right foot were amputated, also requested help to get special shoes.

"I can walk with a cane inside the house, but I cannot walk outside without proper shoes," he said.

Mata-Theodore said she would contact the Social Welfare Division to help Singh gets his pair of shoes.

She also said the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) will be asked to assist with care-giving services because Lall needed help to take care of her daughter.

Mata-Theodore said she would be "following up" on Lall's application for a TTCard, made last December.

Anyone also willing to assist the family can call 370-3639.