Thursday, February 22, 2018

State of Emergency 'necessary'

Councillors agree:

Many regional corporations and councillors across the country have expressed their full support for the current State of Emergency.

From the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation, Aldermen Koonjoo Boochoon and Sherry Praboocharan also said that the Prime Minister and Head of National Security Council have their utmost support.

"This is the only way we can deal with the criminal elements that have been plaguing our region," said Boochoon.

Councillors Shaffik Mohammed and Cyrilla Zola Cooper both stated that the curfew is certainly addressing the crime situation and that the results are visible.

Chairman of the region, Hazarie Ramdeen, said that "it is a strong and positive step in restoring the harmony" and it is a "necessary arrangement".

From the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, Mayor Orlando Nagessar has also voiced his approval.

He stated that he, along with all the councillors of the corporation, has unanimously agreed to support the Prime Minister.

"The businessmen in the Central area have also pledged their support together with all religious leaders," he said.

"They are all willing to accept the inconvenience for the progress of Trinidad and Tobago and a direct attack on the criminal element in the community," he said.

The Council of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation is also supporting the declaration of the State of Emergency.

Chairman of the corporation, Dave Persad, said "The criminals must not be allowed to run riot throughout this blessed land of ours, nor must they be allowed to hold this country to ransom anymore."

"The PMN must be held both accountable and responsible for the level of criminal activity," he added.

He went on to say that the council stands side by side with the Government in its relentless battle to win back the country from the "criminal elements that the PNM, by their ineffectiveness, has nurtured."

Chairmen and councillors of the San Fernando, San Juan/Laventille and Sangre Grande Regional Corporations have also expressed their support.

They have all voiced that it is a "very good initiative" that has been "long overdue".

Councillors Skate Awardy and Glen Ram for Debe West and Biche Charuma respectively, said that it is a time to stand together as one nation and regain our freedom.

Councillor Darren Mc Leod of Cocoyea/Tarouba stated that it is a not a political or partisan issue but a national issue.

"This measure affords ordinary citizens a chance to reflect and teach children the importance of family life. This State of Emergency touches the very root of our problems," he said.

From the Siparia Regional Corporation, Aldermen Roy Ramjitsingh and Vernon Julien-Durity have also declared their full support as they strongly believe the State of Emergency will curb the crime situation.

Councillor of the electoral district of Mon Desir, Balkaran Ramjit, has congratulated the Prime Minister for this "courageous stance".

"It was most inevitable," he said.

Local government representative of Lengua/ St. Julien, Alvin Lutchman, stated that he understands the need for such a mechanism as it is in the best interest of the population.

"We stand by your side in any other decision which you may undertake in the future," he added.

"We are confident that it will be for the sustainability of the citizens," he said.

Support has also been expressed from the Princes Town Regional Corporation.

Councillor Akash Manickchand said that he was witnessing positive results throughout the country.

Constituents of Reform/Manahambre along with the Tunapuna/Piarco Corporation, said that they were happy that such serious methods have been introduced and that they felt much safer.

In addition, the executive of Arouca/Maloney gives their full support as it believes that the Prime Minister had no other choice given the spate of murders.

Executive members, Nykesha Henry-Smith, Patricia Lezama, Dale Brown, Kevin Butler, Patricia Manning and Dale Brown said that they all salute the minister's actions.