Wednesday, February 21, 2018

State witness to return to court in May


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CONSTABLE Nicole Clement, who once faced the charge of murder along with six of her colleagues, yesterday reappeared in court on the charge of perverting the course of public justice.

Clement was ordered to return to court in May. She was initially charged along with acting Sergeant Khemraj Sahadeo, and Constables Renaldo Reviero, Glenn Singh, Roger Nicholas, Safraz Juman and Antonio Ramadin with the killing of Moruga residents Abigail Johnson, Allana Duncan and Kerron "Fingers" Eccles.

The three were shot at Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore, on the night of July 22, 2011.

Last June, following instructions from Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard, the murder charges were dropped against Clement and she turned State witness against her colleagues.

She has since been placed in a safe house and yesterday she was escorted by police officers into the Princes Town Magistrates' Court.

Other police officers, attorneys and security guards were allowed in the courtroom.

Everyone else was told to wait outside the closed door until the magistrate arrived.

When Senior Magistrate Debra Quintyne came, reporters were allowed in. Clement's matter was the first to be called. She had no lawyer.

Quintyne asked her about her attorney, Pamela Elder, SC, and Clement responded, "She would not be here today, ma'am."

The court also heard there was "no word" from the officer who charged Clement. He was absent for yesterday's hearing.

The magistrate adjourned the matter to May 7. "That's four months away. You will inform Miss Elder of the date," Quintyne said.

Clement left the courthouse in a heavily tinted sports utility vehicle, accompanied by three other vehicles, with the armed police officers. The accused officers are expected to return to court on February 4. The murder preliminary enquiry against them is expected to continue on that day.