Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Statement by Brent Sancho, representative of the Soca Warriors

I am overwhelmed. On behalf of those of us who have been fighting a long, tough legal battle to get our just due payment for our efforts

at the FIFA World Cup, Germany 2006, this moment means more than any of us can describe.

While so many have turned their backs on us and ignored our pleas,

we have finally been heard as is acknowledged here today.

And what a time for it to happen. Here we are on the eve of World Cup,

2014, Brazil and when our own memories of that time return mixed with the emotions of our unsettled payments, we can truly celebrate and pay tribute to those who have chosen to honour us.

On behalf of the Soca Warriors members who stuck it out over the years enduring so many legal battles may I take the time to express my gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister and her government

for this heart warming gesture.

We recognize that the government has no legal obligation to assist us yet chose to do so through this gesture. All of Trinidad and Tobago can breathe a collective sigh of relief that a moment that brought us all

so much happiness and pride is free of any grievance.

Those who played their hearts out have asked me to convey their sincere appreciation. We will all follow the events in Brazil this week with an unfettered spirit and only great memories of the time the Trinidad and Tobago anthem played on the football field in Germany.

Thank you all for the recognition. Each one of us, humbly accepts this

gift from the nation. We feel acknowledged and deeply grateful.