Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Street dweller dies on Independence Square


NATURAL CAUSES: The body of the street dweller lies in a drain on Independence Square, Port of Spain, yesterday. —Photo: ESSIBA SMALL

Mark Fraser

The dead body of a male street dweller remained in a drain  for close to two hours yesterday as police officers awaited the arrival of a district medical officer. The presence of the corpse drew stares from passersby and drivers,  who were slowing down their vehicles to get a look. 

The homeless man,   believed by police to be between the ages of 55 to 60 years old, was last seen digging in a  trash can near the Brian Lara Promenade  early yesterday morning,  before he crossed the road and lay down on the pavement in front of the United Craft Workers (UCW)/Drag Brothers Mall on Independence Square. Eyewitnesses said they  saw the man roll into the drain and became concerned when he remained there for hours.

Corporal Rampersad of the Central Police Station said he, along with two other officers, arrived on the scene at around 8.30 am and that there was an attempt to resuscitate the man by Emergency Medical Technicians.

Foul play was ruled out in this case,  Corporal Rampersad said, since the man  appeared to have died from natural causes.