Monday, February 19, 2018

Success Stars wins Junior Panorama


WINNERS: Success Stars Pan Sounds was crowned National Junior Panorama champ playing "Something To Celebrate" at the National Junior Panorama Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain yesterday. –Photo: MICHEAL BRUCE

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Success Stars Pan Sounds won the National Junior Panorama finals yesterday at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

From as early as 8 a.m. pupils of the Nelson Street Boys RC School sat in the stands anxiously waiting to take the stage to perform. They got the opportunity to deliver two hours later when the competition actually got off the ground. They kicked off the Category of the competition with "Magic Drum", a tune composed by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe and sung by Machel Montano.

The members of the band enjoyed themselves immensely and had a good performance but the instruments which were provided for the band did very little to assist in the delivery of the tune.

Every other band that followed which were mainly from South; 5 Company Baptist Rising Stars, Santa Maria RC School, Princes Town Presbyterian No 2, Point Fortin AC, St Mary's Government Primary decked in their pristine white sailor caps and the Guayaguayare Star Sounds – the lone Secondary School, which used the same pans had a similar problem.

The energy and enthusiasm were there but the skill and talent of the youngsters were stifled by the poorly tuned instruments. This of course did not hinder the level of cheering and applause they received from their parents who came out in their numbers to support them.

As the steelpans used by the first seven schools were rolled off the stage and the Diego Martin Boys RC School rolled their instruments on the quality of sound improved significantly.

The sound emanating from the steel pans were distinct and flowed well allowing for Lord Kitchener's tune "Sugar Bum Bum" to flow harmoniously through the Savannah.

Grant Memorial Presbyterian School which followed, and also used their own pans took the sound to another level. Outfitted with birthday hats the players who had their pans adorned with colourful balloons delivered an almost flawless rendition of Len "Boogsie" Sharpe's composition of "Birthday Party".

The sound was clear, crisp and the delivery a strong one. The response at the end of the performance was thunderous applause from their supporters in the sparsely occupied stands.

Up next was the six-time winner of the Junior Panorama competition and reigning champion St Margaret's Boys. The champions did not fail to impress with their equally powerful delivery of Destra's "Vibes" which was also well received by the audience.

The Febeau Government Pan Giants which also used their own, well tuned pans had one of the larger support from parents, teachers and relatives. They lived up to their name as they gave a hair raising performance of SuperBlue's "Get Something and Wave".

The introduction of the arrangement was SuperBlue's 2013 tune "Fantastic Friday" which transition smoothly into "Get Something and Wave".

Dressed in blue t-shirts with their heads tied with blue bandanas and their faces painted in blue and silver the band sailed through their delivery of the tune transitioning flawlessly between their rhythm section and the steelpans.

The Malabar RC which consisted of children from the school's second year enfants all the way up to std five pupils performed well enough to evoke tears from a supporter. They were confident and enjoyed their performance as did their parents and other supporters.

The final Primary School to perform the Mafeking Government Primary Music Giants also had a good offering with their delivery of Scrunter's "Woman on the Bass" but it would be the Mt Hope Secondary Steel Symphony that would bring that song to life in the Secondary School category of the competition.