Saturday, February 24, 2018

Suicide suspected in death of politician's son

Jason Ramnath

Found dead: Jason Ramnath

Donstan Bonn

THE SON of a local government councillor is suspected to have committed suicide.

Jason Ramnath, 28, the son of councillor Diptee Ramnath, was found dead this morning at his home at Goodman Trace, Penal, hanging from a piece of rope tied to a rafter in a shed.

Diptee Ramnath is the local government councillor for the Morne Diablo/ Quinam electoral district of the Penal/ Debe Regional Corporation.

Police were told that Jason Ramnath was last seen alive at around 7 p.m. on Sunday speaking to the neighbours.

Police said Jason Ramnath was separated from his wife for the past eight months.

District Medical Officer Dr Raziah examined the body and ordered it removed to the San Fernando mortuary. A party of police officers of Penal Police Station visited the scene and Corporal Ralph Persad is investigating.

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