Monday, January 22, 2018

SuperBlue: I want soca at Grammy's

'Ready' for Friday...


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Soca Monarch finalist Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons says he's ready for Fantastic Friday.

Lyons, a six-time Soca Monarch winner, will be competing on Carnival Friday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain, with a song titled "Fantastic Friday", which is itself a tribute to the Soca Monarch competition

Speaking on TV6's Morning Edition programme yesterday, Lyons, who was asked if he was ready for his competition come Fantastic Friday, namely Machel Montano, said, "I am always ready."

Before the segment on the programme which featured SuperBlue, Montano, who was also in studio for an interview, greeted and hugged Lyons, whom he has publicly acknowledged as an inspiration to him.

SuperBlue said in the future, his wish was to see a category for soca in the Grammy Awards.

"There are people when they dream, when they wake up, they say why; when I dream, I say why not because there is a joy in Trinidad, as we know, untapped. I experienced and I saw it with the Strike Squad, and it was on the brink to come out.

"I cried long tears; I said I have to go back in Soca Monarch because is sports and culture, and there is that joy in Trinidad and Tobago waiting for somebody to tap it. Although I may not be the one to do it, I have asked God to allow soca to be in the Grammy's (Awards)," he said.

Lyons, who described his children as blessings, said he respects the contribution of the younger artistes to the artform.

"Plenty respect to Machel. I have been watching his career; he has contributed, just like Bunji Garlin, Iwer George," he said.

He also paid tribute to the veterans in the business, including Calypso Rose, Sparrow, Kitchener and Black Stalin, who he said must be shown respect.

"Old school and young school must have a baton—the baton is knowledge— and some respect has to be there in the centre because when you are upcoming in the business, you can't tell me you have two rotations and you are a superstar and losing respect. You have the elders who came from somewhere; that is why, "Ras Shorty I" Garfield Blackman, this one is for him, Fantastic Friday," he said.