Saturday, February 24, 2018

SuperBlue makes everyone happy

Bunji, Fay-Ann on Road March:


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Ian Alvarez (Bunji Garlin) and his wife, Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez, are both very happy for SuperBlue, who is Lyons' father.

Alvarez told the Express yesterday they were overjoyed when it was announced on Wednesday that SuperBlue had won the National Road March title, and they were also excited when he won the International Power Soca Monarch alongside Machel Montano.

"Fay is very happy for her father because she always wanted to see the best happen for him. I am of course also very happy for him. Whenever he sees me is: 'The Garlin boy, ahh boy.' He is always of one composure and never changes—the same big heart and full of soul.

"We in Trinidad have the concept of seeing is believing, and whatever they see before them, that is all it is. So he was down and for people, that was a big joke, but then God came and took him out of that and put him on a pedestal, like Job in the bible.

"And SuperBlue made everyone happy. It's been years since I've seen everyone in my country smiling and happy over one person, one thing," Alvarez said.

Alvarez also said Vincentian soca artiste Problem Child told him a movie should be made of SuperBlue's experience because what happened for him this year is phenomenal.

Alvarez said there are other people here who have been through similar experiences to SuperBlue's and ended out coming out on top. These stories, Alvarez said, can help others avoid ending up in the same pitfalls.

As for what's in store for Garlin and Fay-Ann in the coming months, Alvarez said they have already begun to receive requests from as far as Nigeria and other places all around the globe.

Last year, they toured through Europe, performing in places where soca had never been heard until they rolled in. This year, Garlin and Fay-Ann are taking their time to plan whatever trips they make, so they will have a system and not be travelling helter-skelter.

"We are not sure what is going to happen because sometimes, the furthest places from here are the first to call for bookings. We are taking our time to set a system in place, so that we can probably head in one direction and then come around to the other places, going full circle, back to Trinidad. We have to analyse how best to do this," Alvarez said.

He said after the scenario with them pulling out of the International Soca Monarch competition, the rest of the Carnival season was quite good for them.

He said people showed a lot of love at every event they performed, and even the foreign celebrities who came down and attended the fetes they performed in would come and tell them how much they love their music.

"The Carnival was wonder ful, and everyone had a lot of love for us, even the international celebrities who we met told us that they love the music we do and our vibe. This has motivated us to work even harder.

"The Soca Monarch incident is behind us, and we are thankful for the entire experience and journey because it has made us stronger," Alvarez said.

His new CD collection is due to be released by the first week of March.