Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Surprised Warner: Please leave my family alone

Former government minister Jack Warner yesterday renewed his call for his family to be left alone as he reiterated that his sons have “no problems” and can do as they wish.

The Express exclusively reported that Warner’s younger son, Daryll, was in Trinidad and will depart for New York, USA, this weekend.

There were rumours that the Warner brothers were detained in Miami, Florida, USA, in relation to a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) matter with respect to their father and his ties to football governing body, FIFA, of which Jack Warner was a former vice-president.

Reuters News Agency published a report earlier this year stating that Warner’s older son, Daryan, was a “co-operating witness” in an investigation into allegations of corruption in FIFA.

Speaking to the Express by phone, Warner said he was surprised that his son’s visit to Trinidad was news.

“If that is news that my son is back in the country, I say, heaven help us,” he said.

“I have said before, leave my family alone, and I repeat, leave my family alone. They could do to me what they want but leave my family alone,” said Warner.

“They say I couldn’t get a visa, they say I couldn’t travel, but I don’t care. I tell you this, there are people in this country for whom no further explanation is necessary from me on the matters which people raise and there are those in this country for whom whatever explanation I give will not be acceptable, I am concerned about the first group of people,” he added.

Warner disclosed that his United States tourist visa was valid till 2023.

He said allegations surrounding his children were all incited by people who are against him and fuelled by the media.

“My son was never a problem anyway, neither of them, none of my sons were a problem. The problem is a media problem, a media creation, the problem is of course a creation by the Opposition and people opposed to me, they are making a problem.

“Seeing is believing, that is why I had to let them see for themselves the outcome of Chaguanas West,” he added, referring to his victory in the July 29 by-election.

Warner said his focus was on walking the length and breath of this country in his party’s meet-the-people tour.

He said he will  be walking in Laventille today from 1 p.m. when he will distribute gifts to the children and Independent Liberal Party (ILP) literature.

Warner said he wants the people to know that the suffering people face can only be relieved if they put the ILP into power.