Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Suruj suggests computer code of practice

WORKS Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan has suggested the establishment of codes of practice regarding the use of computers and technology, so that society's value systems are not destroyed.

Speaking following Monday's launch of the National Science Centre's Community Science Week at Gasparillo Composite School, Rambachan told reporters: "I do not know whether it (technology) is negative or positive. That technology is there and what has to be done (is) introduce in the minds of people right use of the technology."

He said that the issue had to be examined, not just with the growing use of Facebook, but with computers generally.

The issue of the use of social media became a national discussion last week, when a Facebook video, showing a woman beating her 12-year-old child with a belt after the child posted indecent photographs, was posted and went viral.

Rambachan said codes of practice "might have to be developed for the use of computers and technology that is not inimical to progress, but at the same time it does not destroy the value systems in society".

Rambachan said the nation had to "behave like a developed country" so that people will not be "short changing" themselves.

NIHERST's Community Science Week will feature a series of activities, including exhibitions, presentations and workshops.

The aim of NIHERST is to expose science and technology to the rural and under-served communities by tailoring for those needs.

The science week hosted by NIHERST will end May 3.