Saturday, February 24, 2018

Suruj: Blame supporters

LOCAL Government Minister Suruj Rambachan has said if anything bad happens to Dr Wayne Kublalsingh during his hunger strike, his supporters and the Highway Re-Route Movement will be partly to blame.

Rambachan said he supported Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar's decision to construct the highway, and she has done more than what was expected as Prime Minister.

Speaking with reporters during a tour of San Fernando yesterday, Rambachan said, "What he (Kublalsingh) is doing is of his own free will, of going on this hunger fast.

"Dr Kublalsingh is being supported by a number of persons around him. I hope that the persons who are pushing Dr Kublalsingh to continue the hunger fast, they also recognise that they will hold responsibility if anything happens to him. What they are doing is selfishly sitting on the side and having this man make this sacrifice for them."

Rambachan said even though he admired the courage of Kublalsingh to undergo a hunger strike, Kublalsingh's work was being undervalued because "this is becoming a political matter".

He said Kublalsingh's hunger strike is not going to stop the Government from building the Debe to Mon Desir segment of the highway.

Rambachan said, "If tomorrow morning, somebody starts another fast and say, 'Let's hold a general election or else I will fast to death,' you go and shut down the Parliament and hold a general election? Things don't operate like that. In a country, you always look at what is the national concern, and what is the public good and what the Prime Minister is looking at".

Rambachan formally opened Short Street that connects High Street in San Fernando to Pointe-a-Pierre Road. The street was closed for 40 years and has been used by street vendors.

San Fernando Mayor Dr Navi Muradali said he will have a consultation today with the vendors to discuss whether the street will be used for vending during the Christmas season or not.

The politicians also visited a walkover bridge made out of recycled plastic bottles and materials in Vistabella.

They ended their tour with a visit to the temporary Marabella market.