Sunday, February 25, 2018

Suspect seen lurking near murdered woman's home


Killed:Sherlene Charles

Donstan Bonn

THE SUSPECT in the killing of Ste Madeleine mother of four Sherlene

Mahangoo-Charles has been seen near the home he sneaked into last Thursday, and shot her dead.

Mahangoo-Charles' brother, Kevin Mahangoo, said yesterday that several residents had told him that the suspect was seen driving near the house, where the woman's teenage daughter, Kimberly, 15was also shot and wounded that night.

"People told me that he passed through Tarodale in an unknown vehicle on Sunday. I heard he even passed in front of her house, but because cell service was down people did not call the police," Kevin Mahangoo told the Express.

The suspect, a 35-year-old Macaulay, Claxton Bay man, was also wanted by police for a cutlass attack on Mahangoo-Charles, which took place last week Sunday.

Mahangoo-Charles’ daughter was shot twice and remained in serious condition at hospital. Police said the suspect went into hiding after the chopping last week Sunday. He resurfaced on Thursday night, when he shot dead Mahangoo-Charles and wounded her daughter at their home at Stoney Hill, Tarodale.

Kevin Mahangoo said the funeral of his sister hanged in the balance because of a typographical error on the death certificate. He said the family spent most of yesterday at Forensic Science Centre, St James, rectifying the error and funeral arrangements were not yet completed for today.

Kevin Mahangoo said it was the family's hope that Kimberly would attend the funeral.

"The doctors said she is stable and she can talk a little bit. But she is still on drips (fed using intravenous fluid) and not yet eating or drinking, so we do not know if she will be discharged in time, but we hope so," said Kevin Mahangoo.