Thursday, February 22, 2018

Suspected wife killer dies after drinking poison

HAROLD Ali, the man suspected to have strangled his wife

on Tuesday before drinking poison, died this morning.

Ali, 50, of Roopsingh Road, Carapichaima, died at the San Fernando

hospital where he was warded under police guard.

The body of his wife, Marilyn Murggan, 50, was found in a bathroom of

the family home by their daughters. The daughters had gone to search for their mother after they were contacted by other relatives who told them Ali confessed to killing Murggan.

Police were told that around 2 a.m. on Monday, Ali and Murggan had an argument over money at their home. Detectives suspect that Murggan was strangled, since there were marks of violence about her neck. 

Police went in search of Ali, and found him hours later, semi-conscious, in a drain at the side of the road at Victoria Street, Gasparillo. Autopsies are expected to be performed the bodies of the husband and wife today.

(from the Multimedia Desk)