Thursday, January 18, 2018

Suspensions for two Mayaro cops in prisoner’s escape


high-risk: Azmon Alexander

Mark Fraser

TWO police officers from the Mayaro Police Station will be handed their suspension letters today, pending further investigation into the escape of prisoner Azmon Alexander outside the Mayaro Magistrate’s Court on January 31 this year.

Alexander, originally from Ackbarali Street in Malabar, is also known as “Apolan” and “Papi”, who is considered a high-risk prisoner. 

He escaped while outside the court after appearing on a number of kidnapping, robbery and firearm-related charges. He had been in jail for the last two years awaiting trial.

Senior sources close to the investigation say the acting corporal and constable who had been escorting Alexander back to the prison van when he broke free will both be handed their suspension letters today. 

“They will be suspen­ded indefinitely until the investigation is conclu­ded and then a decision would be made on whe­th­er they will be reinsta­ted or not,” a source indi­cated.

The senior investigator said based on the information they received, the handcuffs that were used to handcuff Alexander to another prisoner were faulty and, in fact, didn’t snap properly, allowing Alexander to easily slip them off, push the officers down and escape.

He was last spotted near a river in the Mafe­king area in Mayaro

Police say since then, they have not been able to locate the prisoner who is considered “armed and dangerous”.

An investigator said since the escape, the victims of the kidnapping case that occurred some time ago has since fled the country, fearing for their lives, and gone into hiding.

Senior investigators say the couple fled the country after threats were made on their lives.

And while police continue their investigation into that incident, TV6 News, which exclusively reported on the missing cocaine at the Mayaro Police Station in early Janu­ary this year, has learned an inspector was recently transferred out of the station and sent to another unit.

Sources say the inspec­tor would have been responsible for ensuring the cocaine exhibits were lodged in the exhibit room, instead of it being lodged with the sentry on duty.

Some 40 of the 46 cocaine rocks were found missing from the court exhibit when the police complainant in the drug matter came to check on his exhibit that was due to be ready for court.

A senior investigator said two other officers are being investigated but admitted “at this time, the investigation is not going anywhere”.

The Express and TV6 News attempted to contact acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams several times on his cellphone for comment on both matters, but at times, his phone either rang continually or there was a busy tone.