Tuesday, February 20, 2018

TATT asks Digicel to hold hand on VoIP

THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has asked Digicel to hold its hand on blocking certain third-party Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Digicel has acceded to the request effective today.

“The Authority requests that Digicel consider its position in relation to the provision of access to consumers such that all consumers in Trinidad and Tobago are treated equally in the interim period,” a release from TATT stated last night.

“Whilst the Authority has made no determination or decision in the matter, we believe that the maintenance of the provision of these services in the interim period would be in the best interest of all stakeholders and would allow the Authority time to engage in this process in a calm and constructive manner,” the TATT release added.

Digicel said it welcomed the TATT investigation.

“Digicel notes the request made by the Authority that Digicel continues to provide such number-based VOIP products whilst this process is on-going. Digicel has considered the Authority’s request and welcomes the tone and spirit in which it was made,” a release from Digicel stated last night.

“Digicel is willing, in light of the Authority’s commitment to carefully review these matters in consultation with the industry, to accede--effective July 09--to the Authority’s request in the interim period whilst preserving its rights in relation to the matter generally,” the Digicel release added.

• See TATT’s earlier release on Page 9